Paris in July: Je vous trouve très beau – movie

Paris in July is in full swing already and quite a few people have blogged about it.  My first post is not about a book, but a movie I saw the other day.

The film (US title: “You are so beautiful”) is about a French farmer who, after his wife dies, goes to Bucharest in order to find a young and healthy wife who could help him with work on his farm, but he gets more than what he bargained for.

This sounded like a really fun film and was very much looking forward to watching it. It won a César for best first film so I didn’t think I could go wrong with it.

I actually liked it quite a bit – at first. The actors were very good, the first half (dealing with the death of the farmer’s wife and his quest for a new wife) was quite funny. The film title is taken from the short standard speech that seems to be obligatory for all prospect wives. The guy hears this sentence umpteen times while he is in Bucharest, since all jevoustrouvethe girls want to get on the good side of him by flattering him. The woman he eventually chooses to go back to France with him is very nice, down to Earth and very likeable.

Now comes my problem with the film that made me not finish it. The woman turns out to have a little daughter that she left behind in Bucharest with her family. She sacrificed the life with her daughter for a life in France with the hope of being able to bring her daughter there at a later date. But the farmer doesn’t know about the little girl and already expressed a dislike of children in general.

Somehow this depressing topic didn’t go with my idea of a comedy at all. The woman was in tears whenever she called her daughter from a public phone and the situation rather got to her – who can blame her?

This is where I lost interest. I am generally not interested in films with kids in them and I was not planning on watching a social drama either. This is what the film for me turned out to be. So I stopped watching it.

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