Laughable Loves by Milan Kundera, 2

kunderaThis is about the second story in the book “Laughable Loves” by Milan Kundera.

“The Golden Apple of Eternal Desire”

This is the story of a bachelor narrator and his friend and their hunt for women.

Martin, the narrator’s friend, is a rather terrible character. He is constantly on the lookout for new women, in fact has even developed a system of three steps to get to know them and remember them for future usage. Not that he actually ever gets to “do” anything, he actually is quite a loser. On a trip to a small town where the two men are supposed to meet two women he registers so many other women that it is almost mind boggling. When they finally get to the small town in question he reveals to the narrator that  they only have about an hour for meeting the women, warming them up and seducing them, as he has to be back home at a certain time because his wife (whom he is very much in love with) likes to play cards with him before going to bed! What a Casanova!

On the other hand he is so keen on hearing the success stories of others that the narrator feels under pressure to invent a story about a hot girl he met.

The story of Martin really is quite pathetic when you come to think of it. It reveals the ridiculous behaviour of some men who obviously only get validation from the number of women they “conquer”. When they HAVE done that though, they feel driven to immediately look for their next possible victim. They play with her, and as soon as they succeed in any way they move on. It’s all about the game for them. A good story that gives us a lot of insight into the mind of (some) men.

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