Laughable Loves by Milan Kundera, 3


“The Hitchhiking Game”

The Hitchhiking Game is the third story in Laughable Loves. It is about a couple who are on their way to their holiday location and start a role playing game that they can’t seem to stop.

I always liked The Hitchhiking Game but when I read it this time it made me pretty sad. The man and woman who are very much in love start playing this game where she pretends to be a hitchhiker and he picks her up on the way. They both get so carried away that she actually starts to think that he cheats on her with her alter ego.  He in turn starts to show his dislike for easy girls (that he happily goes out with nevertheless) as if she was one herself. I found the whole setting quite disturbing especially since the end of the story is not a positive one, it leaves things open and the reader has no idea whether the previously perfect relationship is disrupted for good or not.

Excellent story, but depressing.

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