The Art of Steampunk by Art Donovan


“Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions from the Leading Artists of the Steampunk Movement”

The Art of Steampunk seeks to celebrate the world of Steampunk: a world filled with beauty and innovation.  A world in which steam power and technology intertwine to create machines that are not only functional and practical, but unique and striking. 

Art Donovan is the owner of Donovan Design, a handmade lighting company with clients like Tiffany & Co, Bennetti Luxury Yachts, and Four Seasons Resorts. He also specializes in Steampunk-inspired lighting and artwork, and runs a blog devoted to the subculture at He’s also a regular contributor on The Steampunk Home blog, and was the curator of the Steampunk Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at The University of Oxford.

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When I saw this book at Netgalley it caught my eye right away. I have been a regular visitor of The Steampunk Home for quite some time now  and just love to look at all those gorgeous designs. Also, a book about Steampunk art, instead of fiction, is a good addition to my books for the Steampunk Challenge.

This book is a feast for the eyes.

First we learn about the Steampunk exhibition (of which Art Donovan was the curator) at the Museum of the History of Science  at the University of Oxford, which is followed by an introduction to Steampunk. Already at this point some gorgeous designs are shown.

Then follows a “Steampunk 101” by G. D. Falksen where he answers some very basic questions every Steampunk newbie will ask, for example, “Where does the punk come in” or “What about goggles”.

The next 17 chapters are each dedicated to one specific artist. At the beginning each one is introduced and then his or her designs are displayed. Now this is where the eye candy starts. I just couldn’t stop looking at those gorgeous looking items. I was going to mention some of the most remarkable items but I realized I couldn’t pick any because they all are so wonderful to look at. Just to give you an idea, there is a  laptop, jewellery, sculptures, a cover for cell phones, a clockwork heart, the list could go on and on.

I am considering myself to be a Steampunk newbie and this book is a very good introduction to Steampunk design. Even though you might not be particularly interested in Steampunk as a literary genre or life style, the designs are so beautiful that I can’t imagine anybody would not enjoy looking at them and subsequently want to know more about Steampunk in general.

Product info and buy link :

Title The Art of Steampunk
Author Art Donovan
Publisher Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN 978-1565235731
Buy link Buy The Art of Steampunk


Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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  1. Marie and Alex, the book is definitely worth reading and looking at. The art is wonderful.


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