What is a teleidoscope?

A lot of people are coming to my blog because they have entered “teleidoscope” as a search term.  Maybe some my regular readers have also wondered what on Earth a teleidoscope is.

A teleidoscope is similar to a kaleidoscope, but much, much cooler. A kaleidoscope only creates its images from little bits of glass (or whatever it is) that are inside it. A teleidoscope creates those cool images from items that are OUTSIDE it. So, if you point your teleidoscope to your bookshelf, you will see those books in some way when you look through it. The number of images it can create is endless.  Not two images are exactly the same.

I bought my own teleidoscope in the 90s in Key West in a small artist’s shop. It has been my pride and joy ever since. Here it is:


I found a very nice image of what a teleidoscope can do on flickr. If you look closely you can see the trees and the sky.


Image by jcarwash31 at flickr

For more images there is a flickr group called Teleidoscope.  

The image at the top of my sidebar is an image of some artwork on our walls in the hall.  

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  1. It is cool! I love it, and my kids love it too, it makes you feel like you in a different world 🙂


  2. I’m fascinated by teleidoscopes and caledoscopes. Have about 5 of them. Have you tried to make one yourself? It’s fun.


    • No, I haven’t. I must have a look for instructions. It’s probably a fun project for kids as well.


  3. I’ll admit, I was one of those who’s been wondering about your blog title. And, as it turns out, I actually own one and didn’t know it. At least I think that’s what we have. Ours is about 12″ long, mounted on a stand pointing towards a shallow bowl. You can fill the bowl with any assortment of items you choose. It has entertained kids for hours.

    Thanks for the lesson.


    • That sounds interesting, I didn’t know they also come mounted and their own container for things. You should post a picture to show us what it looks like. I would be intrested to see it.


  4. Wow, at first glance, I never thought those were trees on the image. But with a closer look I see the sky and trees forming a new image when all of them are combined. It looks like the top part of the shell of a turtle. Teleidoscope is indeed different than the kaleidoscope.
    Laura’s last post ..How To Pick Up A Girl


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