Weekend cooking: Apricot jam with chocolate

I love making jam at home. No, I love having my bread baking machine make jam for us.

This week I got two books from the library with recipes for making jam, one of them is the one you see below (sorry, it is German).


It has so many delicious recipes in it I didn’t know where to start. So I started with what I had at home and made apricot jam with chocolate. Actually, that recipe is not even in the book, it gave the recipes for either raspberry-chocolate jam or strawberry-chocolate jam, so I adapted them a bit for my purposes.

The result is more than yummy!

Here is my recipe (only a small amount, I don’t make jam to last 5 years for a family of ten):

Apricot-chocolate jam

  • 600g apricots, without stones and cut up into small cubes
  • 300g jam sugar (2:1)
  • a bit of lemon juice
  • 100g chocolate, grated to flakes (I used less than the recipes said)

jam1Set the chocolate aside. Make jam from the remaining ingredients as usual (I just throw everything into my bread baking machine and wait until it beeps. When it is done and gels, add the chocolate flakes and fill them into the containers, put the lid on, turn them on their heads for a few minutes. Let cool down. Enjoy!

For labels I used the wonderful round labels by Cathe Holden. I normally put them on the lid, because they cover whatever is on the lid and they fit perfectly. On her blog Just something I made Cathe shares a lot of great designs to use for your craft projects. Check her out!

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  1. Just a bit more info about the bread machine. It is so easy to make jam with it, it’s unbelievable. If the machine has a jam setting, all you need to do is throw everything in there, turn it on, wait a bit (with mine it is 58 minutes), turn it off and there you have your jam. It couldn’t be easier!


  2. We have wild plums near our new house and I was going to make my first attempt at jam. Now I’m thinking the bread machine idea sounds wonderful! However, I don’t think mine has a jam setting. Wonder what would happen if I just used the regular bread cycle? I’ll research that. The idea of jam and chocolate mixed sounds delicious.


    • Tami, I love plum jam. So far I have never tried to make it myself though. The kind that we buy over here is with the plums pureed so there are no chunks of plum in it.

      The jam setting besically stirs the ingredients for a while and then it just “boils” them. Maybe the regular bread cycles are too long for jam, not sure. Maybe try out the shortest cycle with a small amount of ingredients to see what happens.


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