Needlework Tuesday: A busy week

This was a busy week, not in terms of actually *creating* something, but in possibilities.

With my leftover yarn from my various projects in the past I started making small Granny squares for something (haven’t decided what exactly, but that is typical me). Admittedly I haven’t got very far, but I’m optimistic that I will have finished something by the end of the decade.


Then I went to the library and looked around for books on crochet and amigurumi. Heather’s post about the yummy’ gurumi made me curious. Those little animals on the book covers are not something I am particularly interested in. I am more for the foodie stuff or possibly the zombies and ninjas, but those animals will give me a general idea of how to do it.



I got a few other books about home projects, bags and one book that looks very interesting. I particularly like the title “The Happy Hooker”. The German title is not nearly as exciting.

 einfach_haekeln taschen happy_hooker 


And at my local craft shop I found some nice yarn on sale. I love the shades of purple. Not sure what I will use it for (are you surprised? Not really!), but it will keep.



Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts.

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    • Ja, Birgit, wusste ich. Ich habe sogar schon ueber eines der Buecher hier gebloggt (das ueber Home makeovers). Das naechste wartet schon! Aber trotzdem danke, dass du an mich gedacht hast.


    • Heather, I saw a book about Steampunk figures on Netgalley, I think. But if I am not mistaken it was more about sewing than crochet. Are we talking about the same book?


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