Ugly covers anyone?


Judith from Leeswammes’ blog is starting another competition. After her successful “Back of the book” competition she is now hosting an “ugly covers” one.

Have you got books with covers so ugly that you normally cover them up when reading them? It’s time to *un-cover* them again and send an image to Judith, so she has some material to work with.

Of course there are prizes. This is what Judith says:

"Each week for 5 weeks, I will show you 5 covers and you have to choose the ugliest one. Every week there will be one winning cover (in case of a draw, I will have the final say). The sixth week, we’ll have the 5 winning covers back, and the most ugly, absolutely impossibly awful cover, will win the competition.

Your task is to vote for the ugliest cover each week. Of all participants who chose the final, winning, cover in one of the first 5 rounds, one will win a book of their choice."

For more information hop on over to Leeswammes’ blog.

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