Review-a-thon mini challenge 2

Join us for our Review-a-thon!The next mini challenge is about cross posting our reviews. I suck at cross posting my reviews. I never do it. I post it here, mark the book as read on Goodreads and that is that. I usually don’t even bother to rate it a Goodreads, so this challenge IS a challenge for me indeed. However, if I get a book under the condition to post reviews on various sites, it goes without saying I will do that.

I have a review ready to go and another one to write this week, so I will make sure to cross-post them. I need to check on the publishing date of one of the books as I think it will only be out in a few weeks, so I might have to wait with that one.

Really, there is no reason not to cross-post, I am just too lazy to do it.

You might not know this, but I *love* lists. So what I need to do is create a little checklist to use, so I won’t forget…

rikki_review_todo_list…   …   …

…OK, now it is later and I made my to do list. That way, at least I know what to do next time I want to post a review. This is what it looks like. I hope it will make things easier for me.

I am not sure I even WANT to post on amazon. I will have to think about that. After all it is not mandatory for a book blogger to post anywhere but on your blog (unless you are out for fame and possibly fortune) so I might give amazon a miss. I only have so much time for blogging and, to be honest, I’d rather read and write more for my own blog than use my time to provide amazon with content. 

If anyone would like to use my list, feel free to download the letter sized larger version. Just click on the image and when it is open right-click and “save as” to your HD. There are quite a few lines for you to fill out yourself according to your needs.

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  1. What a good idea to have a check-list. Mine is in my head for books that I get for myself: on my blog, and on, my primary book shelves application.

    If it’s a book that I review for an author or publisher I always put it on my blog, shelfari, goodreads, and amazon. Then (only then) I send an email to the publisher/author with the link to my blog review. Can’t fail! 🙂


    • You have it all figured out, haven’t you. My head is not good enough for that, :). A list will definitely help me. I used to be on Shelfari, too, but somehow Goodreads’ layout appeals more to me.


      • Well, I left out the bit where I have a spreadsheet for review books that I will only cross off when everything is done. And I like ticking off books, knowing that I’ve finished with them.


  2. I <3 ur little list! Thanks for sharing:)
    I'm fond of checklists too; especially written ones. Since so much is done on computer I almost never hand write stuff so it feels like my hands will miss it! That's when I pick out pretty colored pens and a nice pad of paper and make myself checklists lol. It gives me a reason to write in purple, green and pink inks, and also helps me organize


    • Bella, I agree. I love lists, notbeooks, calendars and everything related. Nothing nicer than writing on a sheet of nice paper with a nice pen. And I seem to be betterorganized with paper than electronically.


  3. OMG! We must really have similar personalities, because I created a tracking sheet for my reviews as part of the Monster Review-A-Thon. It’s just a Word document. Glad to meet another list junkee!!


  4. Love that checklist! So cute. I want to make a checklist now… 🙂

    As for amazon, I’ve heard of problems there but have decided to post up my reviews anyways. It’s just taking a while b/c I rarely post there.

    I do, however, post on Goodreads almost as soon as it publishes on my blog, or sometimes before if I’ve written it. I like keeping that up to date and is my favorite site for books.
    Kristen H.’s last post ..Monster Review-a-Thon Wrap Up


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