Review-a-thon mini challenge 1

Join us for our Review-a-thon!Today’s mini challenge for the review-a-thon is about rethinking our review format. These are the questions asked:

  1. Are you happy with your review format currently?
  2. Scrutinize it a little more, maybe compare it to other blogs you like, anything you think you might change?
  3. Implement some basic changes and tell us what you think. Or, you can tell us one or two aspects of your reviews that you like.

Good questions! I have only changed my review format recently and added the “In a nutshell” part where I simply say whether I liked a book or not and who I would recommend it to. So, yes, I am quite happy with the format right now.

I see lots of review formats that I like, some very short and poignant (which is not me), some long and extremely detailed. I sometimes like the haiku reviews, even though they usually don’t say much about a book, still they are fun to read. The only change that I want to make right now is to add the info where I got the book from (publisher, netgalley, bought it, etc…).

I think I will add this in the bottom table where I put the major product info. It is unobtrusive and people can still find out if they want to know. Will do that later today for future reviews!

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  1. I like your “in a nutshell” – it’s a quick way to see whether I want to read the read of the review in detail.

    I agree, I don’t like too long & detailed or too short reviews. What I like best, is some indication of what the reviewer thought of the book rather than just a description of what the book is about.


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