Review-a-thon mini challenge 3

Join us for our Review-a-thon!The third mini challenge is about setting up future review posts.

This is easy. I do that already regularly. I am using Live Writer to write for my blog and use this nice little plug in called WLW Text Template Plugin. It is extremely easy to use and a real time saver.

Whenever I start reading a book I want (or have) to review I immediately create a new post in Live Writer, add my review template and the title of the book so I won’t forget. When I have time I also add the blurb and the product info in the table at the bottom.

I think this is quite a practical and convenient way to prepare reviews. I can see the draft all the time and won’t forget. When I am ready for the review all I need to do is write up my thoughts on the book and I am done.

If you don’t know the plugin Text template but are interested in using it, check back here again soon. I am planning to post a short tutorial on how to use it in a few days.

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  1. I’m writing straight into WordPress, which is working fine for me. I do like the idea of setting up a post as soon as I start reading a book. I have a few admin options to keep track of which books I’ve read but not reviewed yet (and I use those to track those books) but setting up a blogpost for them would be even better.

    So you are pretty organised after all!


    • I prefer Live Writer simply because I think the layout options are better and easier to handle. I think you can also prepare posts in WordPress directly and save as drafts, right?


  2. Yes, that’s right. The only drawback is that the Dashboard will only show the first 5 or 6 drafts, which usually is enough but when I’m really ahead of myself, I lose the overview a bit. Luckily, there is also a way to view all drafts.

    I’m happy enough with it and wouldn’t want to introduce yet another application to my life. 🙂


  3. I love Windows Live Writer. I use Dynamic Template for all my templates and I prefer it to editing in Blogger. I like the idea of setting up a review post when I start reading the book. I am going to try that for sure.


  4. I also love using WLW and like Sherri I use the Dynamic Template. Love it!! Makes blogging so much easier. And like you Rikki, I too start my review post around the time I start reading the book. I like having the draft there in my WLW as a reminder that I need to finish that review.
    The Book Vixen’s last post ..Review-a-Thon: Mini-Challenges


  5. That’s the good thing about WLW, that no draft gets overseen. I think it is a good way to stay organized and nor forget anything.


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