The track of sand by Andrea Camilleri

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Life-loving, pasta-inhaling Inspector Salvo Montalbano, the embattled Sicilian policeman, has much to worry about, from his growing bald spot to his ever-tottering relationship with the demanding Livia to the steadily more vicious crime he must confront, but even he is surprised to see a dead horse on the sand when he looks out his window one morning (admittedly, he had been dreaming about horses, though the horse he was riding was a woman). From this peculiar equine beginning, Montalbano soon finds himself embroiled in a puzzling case that involves horse stealing, race fixing, and murder. Along the way, of course, there is plenty of time for lunch, though Montalbano’s ability to concentrate on his food is impeded by two women who seem more than willing to fill the gap created by Livia’s absence.

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For people who like: Salvo Montalbano, Sicily, mysteries without many twists that have a lot of atmosphere

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This is the 12th book in the Inspector Montalbano series. The books get their charm from the Sicilian atmosphere just as much as from Salvo Montalbano’s relationships with his colleagues and various women. This does not mean he is a womanizer, in fact, in this book we learn that he actually only ever had four “relationships”, two of which can be considered transient, plus Ingrid (the nature of that one puts it in its separate league). However, the current ones (Livia, Ingrid, Rachele) are complex and interwoven, the reader really never knows what the outcome will be.

In The track of sand Montalbano has to do with the High Society which leads him to some unusual encounters at a horse race that can be only described as bizarre. That evening ends in an unexpected and stereotypical way that can only be explained with his growing unease with age and his eternal arguments with Livia over the phone.

The sleuthing is done in passing again. Somehow Montalbano gets entangled by chance and is on the wrong track for a long time. His collaboration with his colleagues still is a pleasure to behold. They understand each other without many words and their interactions are always effective – even though sometimes some unexpected incidences throw a spanner in the works. A couple of hilarious conversations with Dr. Pasquano are thrown in for our entertainment.

This was again a delightful read. Especially for friends of mysteries without twists and turns at every corner, thrilling murders in every chapter, but instead with flair and interesting characters a must-read.

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Title The track of sand
Author Andrea Camilleri
Publisher Penguin
ISBN 978-0143117933
I got this book from my swap site because I love Montalbano.
Buy link Buy The Track of Sand
My amazon list The Inspector Montalbano series in chronological order


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