Review-a-thon mini challenge 5

Join us for our Review-a-thon!

Today’s challenge is about organizing upcoming reviews.

“Today, your mini-challenge is to work on organizing your upcoming reviews of books you haven’t read. Create an organizer… update… reorganize. The choice is yours. We’d like to see what you do to organize and how you think you’d improve it.”

Until today my reviewing habits were unorganized. I read books, I wrote a review, I posted the review when I felt like it.

After being such a slacker yesterday I felt I had to pull myself together today and come up with something re my organization.

In my Google calendar I entered days when there is a recurring post due (weekend cooking, needlework Tuesday etc.), but this has nothing to do with reviews per se, of course. Then I created a Google spreadsheet where I entered the books I need and want to review, where I got them from, their publication date and around when the review should be posted. The number of books I have received to review at any given time is small, I don’t like to inundate myself. So, I think this is as organized I will ever need to be.

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  1. I use a Google spreadsheet to keep track of review requests as well. It especially helps me remember those ebooks since they’re not staring you in the face on your shelf 🙂


  2. The books I get for reviewing purposes are all e-books, so I need to keep track of those, too. The e-reader sort of mixes them up with everything else and I never remember. I think a spreadsheet will definitely help.


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