Monster review-a-thon wrap up

Join us for our Review-a-thon!The review-a-thon is over, so I wanted to do a little recap to see what I got out of it.

What did I get accomplished?


Miscellaneous tasks:

  • I added the info where I got a book from and why to the product info table at the bottom of my reviews.
  • I created a “Review: To do” checklist.
  • The last reviews I posted I also cross-posted on GR and amazon.
  • I created a tutorial on how to use the WLW plugin “Text Template” which I will post shortly.
  • I didn’t create a reviewed books list but I am considering an embedded Google spreadsheet for that sometime in the future.
  • I created a Google spreadsheet for books to review with publication date etc. to keep better track.


During the review-a-thon

I am very happy with the outcome of the review-a-thon. Thanks to the Book Monsters for organizing it. If you were a participant, what did you get done?

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  1. You did great! I’m still plugging away at it today and hoping to get some more reviews done after I comment on all these posts. 🙂


  2. You did a lot! I think this review-a-thon was a good idea for you to take part in. I concentrated on writing reviews and updating my review list. It was very useful, this read-a-thon!


  3. Thanks, Kristen!

    Judith, it was a very good idea! I am grateful to you that you mentioned it, otherwise I would not have known about it.


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