Weekend Cooking: Dinner for Busy Moms by Jeanne Muchnick

dinner_for_busy_moms Blurb:

How do you improve your family’s health and relationships, save money, and raise happier kids who get better grades and are less likely to do drugs? Family dinners! These easy strategies will get your family back to the table.

In a nutshell:

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For people who: want to get their family around the table to eat, but are totally clueless about anything even remotely cooking related. 

My thoughts: 

This book is for the absolute beginners. If you have cooked for a family for some time and have something that looks somewhat like a family life then you are probably already too advanced for it.

Let’s look at some of the things this book explains:

  • It describes the situation as it is in a majority of households
  • It describes the advantages of family meals
  • It gives tips on how to accomplish a family dinner
  • It offers tips what kids of all ages can do to help in the kitchen
  • It offers time saving tips
  • It suggests how to organize the pantry
  • It tells you how to construct a shopping list and how to shop
  • It helps you to plan weekly meals
  • It talks about must haves for the kitchen
  • It tells you how to deal with likes and dislikes of kids of all ages
  • It gives you sanity savers for yourself
  • It offers a few recipes & web resources
    In fact it tells you many things that the average reasonable person knows. I mean, come on, who doesn’t know that a home cooked meal around the dining table is healthier than having a TV-Dinner lounging on the couch while watching a cartoon?
    The manifold advantages of a freezer? Check. How to store seasoning? Check. Reading food labels before buying is recommended? Check. Cheaper stuff is in the lowest aisle? Check. Buying in bulk when on sale? Check. Using coupons? Check. I am not saying that this book is useless. Not at all. If you are a woman who just had her first kid, who has never cooked for more people than two, who only ever defrosted her dinner in the microwave, go ahead and read this book! It is a useful resource for how to organize your kitchen and your family meals. If you are an experienced mother, but still feel you are wasting hours or a fortune in your kitchen, likewise. If those criteria don’t apply, then don’t bother!
    The recipes are ok, but nothing too fantastic, the web resources might be useful now, but given the short lives of websites, the list might be outdated in six months. Both could have been left out without any regrets, I am sure.

 Product info and buy link :

Title Dinner for Busy Moms
Author Jeanne Muchnick
Publisher Plain White Press
ISBN 9781936005000
I got this book from Netgalley because I am – among others –  a busy mom
Buy link Buy Dinner for Busy Moms


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 Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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  1. we don’t have children but part of my job involves cooking for the people I look after so I m use to cooking healthy food as that is what we have to provide them at work ,all the best stu


  2. I’m way past the stage of busy mom but I also thought I’d add this book to my future gift list. I know lots of people for whom this would be a welcome gift.


  3. Looks like one you can pass on to a new mom friend. Since I don’t remember when I didn’t cook a real dinner, I forget that lots of people don’t. I just made brunch for my doctor step-daughter and her investment banker finance — it was the first home-cooked meal either of them had eaten since they visited his mother two months ago! This would be a good book to give them when they have their fist kid.


  4. Appreciate the positive feedback. The book is definitely geared to be simliar to a “Dummie’s Guide to Family Meals” so is pretty simplistic. Am working on a revised version with more (i.e. easy/under 7-ingredient recipes) and so will take your comments into consideration. My point was really how to get dinner on the table when you’re NOT a cook…..so need to nail that point home a bit more.

    Again — thanks for taking the time to review.

    All best,

    Jeanne Muchnick


    • Thank you, Jeanne, for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      I agree that when I requested the book I wasn’t aware it is for the completely unexperienced cook. When that is made clearer already on the cover, I think it will be perfect and reach exactly the right audience.


  5. Unfortunate to say, but there are far more moms/parents who could use this book than you imagine. Very often when my kids bring their friends home and they stay for dinner, they are amazed that we all sit down together, with the adults, and eat a home cooked meal. The lack of pre-packaged stuff really blows them away.

    That said, this book wouldn’t work for me, though I could see it applying to many, many people.
    Heather’s last post ..First Nations Friday – Art work for the Wall


  6. It is true what you all said. The book would be a great and considerate (and very helpful) gift to a young family or new mother. I am glad I got that across even though I am not in the target group of the book (just like a lot of the rest of the weekend cooking girls). It still seems there is a lot of demand for it.


  7. Sounds like advice a mother used to give to her daughter. I’m sure it will be very helpful to certain people. The whole drugs and family dinners always makes me laugh since all the hippies in the sixties always had family dinners in the fifties. :<)


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