How to use the WLW Text Template plugin

A few days ago in my post for mini challenge 3 for the review-a-thon I mentioned the easy Text Template plug in for Windows Live Writer. If you are wondering how to use it or whether it is something you might find useful I thought I’d show you how easy it actually is.

I am starting with a simple sentence with a link that I want to add at the end of some of my posts. You can create whole pages with images and tables that way and use the templates over and over.

1. First you write your sentence with the link just like you would in any post.


2. Go to –>View –>Source to look at the HTML code, highlight and copy it.

EDIT: In the newest version of LiveWriter this is a little different. You click on the source tab at the bottom of the page, highlight and copy your text. 


3. Click on the Text Template Plug in in the right sidebar and select “Add new template”.

EDIT: In the newest version of Live Writer you go to the >Insert tab at the top and click on the "Text template" button of your plugin.  You continue with "Add new template". 


4. Choose a title and a category. You can create a new category here or choose an existing one from the drop down menu. Then paste the copied html into the textbox.


5. Click ok and save your template in the next window. You can just leave the file name as is and click “Save”.

That’s it! Next time you want that sentence in your post just click on “Text Template”, select your created template from the list and click “OK”. There it is!

You can do this with images also, of course. Just make sure the image is already uploaded, because you will need to enter the URL of the image. The code for that will then look like this (or similar, depending on the style of your image): <p><img src="URL of your image" >

Isn’t that really easy? Try it, it is a real time saver.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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