Needlework Tuesday: Socks and necklaces


Two projects are on my agenda for the near future.

1. Crochet socks.

I have never crocheted socks before and am curious. I like the idea of homemade socks, but – as you probably know by now – I hate knitting in general, knitting with five needles is even worse. Crochet is a good alternative, but crocheted socks are not good for wearing outside. However, they might be a nice and cute accessory for lounging at home during winter.

I am using the yarn from my post from two weeks ago, but haven’t got much to show yet.

2. Crochet and beads necklace.

I found those earrings made from ribbon and pearls that are crocheted together. Normally I don’t do any delicate crochet anymore, but I sort of liked that combo of ribbon and beads. I wouldn’t wear earrings, but the piece might also make a nice pendant, don’t you think? Attach it to a not too long ribbon and you’re done!

Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts.

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    • Thanks, Heather. I am not sure about the socks. They look a bit funny and I am having difficulties with the heel. Not sure I want to finish them.


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