Laughable Loves by Milan Kundera, 7


“Eduard and God”

In order to get into the pants of his religious girlfriend Eduard pretends to believe in God. This has serious consequences for his career and it takes quite a bit of weaseling on his part to hopefully get out of trouble.

This is the last and, in my eyes, the best story of them all. It reminds me a bit of the first one “Nobody will laugh”, as it is also about a young man who gets entangled in his own web of lies.  The reasons for lying, however, differ greatly. Where in the first story the man starts lying because he does not want to hurt Mr. Zaturecky (as misguided as this may be), Eduard lies for base motives. He wants to shag his girlfriend. That is all there is to it. Little does he know that this small lie has serious consequences for his career.

Nobody describes the reasons behind people’s actions like Kundera. Everything Eduard does makes perfect sense and is so logical, you can’t find fault with him, well, at least I couldn’t. From the moment he starts lying to his girlfriend, to the scene in the office where he can’t admit to not believe in God, to the scene in the flat, to the scene in the weekend home of his brother, it is crystal clear that he couldn’t behave differently from how he did. Poor Eduard! And then there are people who say no man is forced to sleep with a woman! This story proves the opposite. I totally loved it.

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