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Today’s book beginning is from “Becoming Marie Antoinette” by Juliet Grey. It is the first book in a trilogy about Marie Antoinette. “Becoming Marie Antoinette” is telling us how young Maria Antonia grew up in Vienna and what transformation she had to undergo in order to become the wife of the dauphin of France.

If you would like to know more, there is a video with an interview with Juliet Grey (pseudonym for Leslie Carroll) on the website of WCAX.

This is the beginning of “Becoming Marie Antoinette”…

Schönbrunn, May 1766

My mother liked to boast that numerous daughters were “sacrifices in politics”. I never dared to admit to Maman, who was Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, that the phrase terrified me more than she could know.

What is YOUR book beginning today?

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  1. Hi Rikki,

    Those are some great opening lines, that I should think set the scene really well for the rest of the book.

    It is hard to imagine in these liberal times, that a mother would be so callous as to see her daughters married off for monetary or social gain, isn’t it?

    It seems unimagineable that you could be the 15th of 16 children, but then to be told at 10 years old that you are to be betrothed as a ‘sacrifice’ in the political arena, must have been terrifying.

    We think that we live in troubled times right now, but a quick glance back through the history of the world soon shows us that troubled times have always been just around the corner and are really nothing new.
    yvonne’s last post ..Book Beginnings Friday 19th August 2011 … ‘Chocolicious’ by Geraldine Solon


    • Hey Yvonne,
      I am only a few pages into the book, but quite like it (except for some linguistic complaints…).
      I suppose in those times and circles being a mother meant not so much, or at least it never showed. They hardly ever saw their children and somehow there can’t have been too much of a bond between them.

      I suppose children were considered political “devices”. According to this book the Austrian motto was (roughly). “Other nations fight wars, Austria marries.” That says it all.


  2. You were very lucky in NetGallery with this book, it sounds great! But I’m with Tea and you, “sacrifice” could be a terrific word.
    And you are right, Rikki. My BBF it’s the second Psi/Changeling one. Thanks for the visit! 😀
    Kasumi’s last post ..BBF #22 (La noche del jaguar)


    • I haven’t heard of “The hidden diary…”, it also sounds like an interesting read, especially after this one.


  3. Those words from a mother would scare anyone. It sounds like a great trilogy of books. And I agree with The Book Gatherer, Schönbrunn is beautiful.


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