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A few pictures from a short trip to the town of Bamberg, an UNESCO world heritage site. Bamberg is one of the loveliest town I know. Not only has it a great cathedral, medieval and Renaissance architecture galore, tons of restaurants (some of them tourist traps) and nice shops, it also offers a great variety of small cafes where you can sit outside and watch the world go by (one of my favourite pastimes).


The building at the top is a bakery now. The building with the green shutters is the “Schlenkerla”, a restaurant first mentioned in 1405.


We bought those “Hörnla” (Franconian dialect for “Hörnchen” (“small horn”, i.e. croissant) in a bakery that sells them since 1427.


The river here is the Regnitz. There is a row of lovely houses right at the river’s edge. People have their patios bordering the water and even have boats looking like gondolas in front so they can hop into their boat and go on the river.


At the top a store selling Bamberg lace in a small street with specialty shops. A few doors down is “Hemmingway’s Bodega”. As you can see, the owner either has noticed the small spelling mistake and crossed it out (or it was a joke to begin with or his own name is Hemmingway and he was sick of being asked what the second “m” was about). When you look inside you see a b/w image of Che Guevara in the back.

Have you been to any interesting places recently?

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  1. What lovely pictures! I love places like this that are just so full of beautiful history, made me smile looking at them 🙂


  2. lovely shots ,I ve not been any where recently hope to go to york in a few weeks that is a nice place to vistit ,all the best stu


    • I have been to York and remember how lovely it is. That would be a day trip I’d enjoy, too.


  3. What a wonderful place! I think I’ve heard of it but I haven’t a clue where it is. Google Maps says it’s too far from the Dutch border for a day trip. Still, it’s a place to keep in mind. I love old towns and beautiful houses.

    I went to Turnhout the other week, which is in Belgium. It had a few lovely places but nothing as consistent as Bamberg. Very nice!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Weekend Cooking: Plum Flan and a Diet


    • Oh, no, Judith, Bamberg is too far from the Dutch border for a day trip. From where I live it’s only 45 minutes.
      I have been to a few great places in Belgium (Bruges, for example, which is sooo romantic), but I am afraid I have never been to the Netherlands (except for Schiphol, but that doesn’t count).
      Bamberg’s old town is very consistent, but as soon as you leave it it is just like any other city.


    • Tami, yes, having a jetty at the end of your garden is something not many people have. I’d love that. There are lots of outdoor cafes in Germany, it is one of my favourite things to do in summer, just sitting there watching people.


  4. Hi Rikki!

    I just came across your blog from Beth Fish Reads. I used to live in Germany about six years ago. We lived in Schweinfurt which isn’t too far from Bamberg, which we visited a few times. It is a gorgeous city.Your pictures bring back such fond memories. I’m amazed at how much I miss Germany now given how homesick I was when I lived there.


    • Hi Beth,
      I have been to your blog a couple of times and figured you must have lived in Germany. Is that Schweinfurt on your header? Embarrassingly I have never been to Schweinfurt, even though it is not too far from where I live. I agree, Bamberg is absolutely wonderful.


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