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This week was quite a good week book-wise. I bought a few books for very little and got two books from Netgalley. 

I bought

My library had a book sale this week and I actually found a few books! If you read this blog regularly you will know that our library sucks. The book sales normally are a joke; the available books are mostly computer books that were already outdated at the time of publication, let alone when the library sells them off. Or they are books like the one called “How to avoid huge ships” the reviews of which will give you entertainment for days! If you haven’t read them, you should. Anyway, I am digressing, because this time they did have fiction books and some good ones to boot.

All books are in German, but for better understanding I am listing the English titles.

tochter der nachtwu1flying_scotsman 


For review

“Everything beautiful began after” by Simon van Booy from Netgalley. Everybody is raving about it and I must know why.

“Falling for me” by Anna David from Netgalley. This one sounded rather interesting.

everything beautifulfalling for me


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    • Yes, that cover is really nice. I was so amazed to find such a book at the sale for so little.


    • I agree, the cover is very beautiful. I have only heard good things about the book, so I am curious to read it.


  1. Pavilion of Women has a beautiful cover; if you’ve remembered it all these years it must be an awesome book, so I am off to book stalk it on goodreads! Have a great reading week. 🙂
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  2. I really should pick up something of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s. Mists of Avalon, preferably! I’ve had a copy for years but the spine is bent to the point that it’s just too uncomfortable to hold and read. Shame, like that old cover art.

    Once Upon A Time


    • MZB has written a lot of great books. Mists of Avalon is definitely one of her best, but in case you like Sci-Fi, there is her Darkover series that I highly recommend, or her re-telling of the siege of Troy and subsequent events.


    • I was surprised to see me come away with as much as three. Really, what I said about the library was by no means exaggerrated. That good sale was a one time event! Three books for 1.50, can’t complain here.


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