Random Acts of Kindness September

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A new month and new opportunities for a bookish RAK.

Last month was my first month to participate and I totally enjoyed it. I gave a very gently read copy of “The summer of skinny dipping” to Cait from Escape through the pages and have yet to receive a RAK from Birgit at The Book Garden. She gave me “A week at the airport” by Alain de Botton, however, thanks to the Book Depository which is even slower than usual, it has not arrived yet.

Would you like to participate? Then hop over to Book Soulmates who are hosting this amazing event every month and sign up! Even if you can’t give a book you can still participate if you are the crafty kind. There is a new feature for giving away bookish things as well….


Now with that said, we have received a few emails with people saying they cannot afford to buy a book for others but would be willing to create something, such as a handmade bookmark or something of that nature.
We’ll be adding an extra column for people who would not mind accepting handmade goodies.

What are you waiting for? It is fun and rewarding!

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  1. I have read A day at the airport and it’s not Botton’s best read. Have you read “How Proust can change your life” or “Essays in love”? Much better 🙂


  2. That’s right, it’s a week, not a day. Thanks, Ally, I changed it.
    I read and blogged about “Essays in love” and loved it. I have read “Consolations of Philosophy” which was quite good. Haven’t read “Proust” yet. I thought that the airport book sounded quite interesting. We’ll see.


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