Needlework Tuesday: Crochet basket

OK, I decided to stop working on the crochet socks. Why? Well, first of all, crocheting socks is dead boring. By the time I got to the heel I was already fed up with it. Second, I was not looking forward to doing ANOTHER sock after the first one. I just hate doing the same thing twice with the same yarn. So, no homemade crochet socks for me.

Instead I looked around and found a super easy pattern for a little notions bowl at Ravelry. You can also find the pattern directly at Barb’s patterns if you are no Ravelry member. I use the bowl for small jewellery items and think it’s pretty cute, especially with that purple-cream yarn.


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What have you made recently? Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts.

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    • Kasumi, they are very easy to make and crochet is easy to learn. Those small things are perfect for beginners.


  1. I’m decided: I’ll start knitting soon. I got some nice needles on my birthday and would like to start on the most basic of scarfs. I have no friends who knit around, so maybe YouTube will help?


    • Unfortunately I cannot help you with knitting but I think a good starting point for beginners would be Debbie Stoller’s book “Stitch ‘n’ bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook”. Her crochet book was excellent (I blogged about it) and I imagine the knitting book is equally great for beginners.


    • Willa, it took me very little time to do this, those bowls are really cute and versatile.


    • Yes, you could also do them in various sizes and corresponding colors. I bet that would look great!


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