Broadening the horizon

    New ideas for my teleidoscope:
  • It’s not a conscious decision that I made nor was it a mere accident. I noticed that on netgalley they have quite a few Dark Horse Comics available. One of them caught my eye because I remembered that I had seen that sort of cover in our house before. So I asked my husband whether he would want to blog about the newest B.P.R.D. graphic novel “Being human”. Answer: yes! See how easy it sometimes is to find a co-blogger! John is an avid reader with a very eclectic taste and – other than me, I only read Archie – he loves comics/graphic novels. So I “hired” him to talk about graphic novels on my teleidoscope from time to time now.
    His first review will be coming up soon.
  • Also I added a new feature to my book reviews. Whenever a book is set in a certain location I will add a few images of that location and maybe a map. That way you can picture the whole story better in your mind (or at least I can). Examples are my posts about “Murder on the Flying Scotsman” and “I wish someone were waiting for me somewhere”.
  • Plus, I am adding additional info (videos, author websites, lists of books in order etc.), if there is any, to the product info area.
  • And this new idea popped into my head today when I saw a bookstore bingo tweet about “A moveable feast”. In the future, when there is a bookstore bingo tweet about a specific book or author I will add it to the bottom of the post. Example can be seen here in my post about “A moveable feast”. Not that it will be particularly helpful, but it’s fun!
  • The Steampunk Challenge will be coming to a close soon, and I am planning a new reading project for 2012. I am not calling it a challenge, as it is not that big and limited to a small number of specific books. Check back in October for more info.

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