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Welcome to the Banned Books Week Hop!

Banned Books Week is a US event. I have to admit that the practice of banning or challenging books is unknown to me, at least in recent times. Except for one mother in 12th or 13th grade who opposed to us reading “Les liaisons dangereuses” by Choderlos de Laclos in French class – a fact that made me go and read the book right away, of course – I have never heard of a book being challenged or banned from schools, libraries or shops. It seems, in the US it is not so uncommon. So I am all too willing to support Banned Books Week and this hop with a giveaway. You can find out more about Banned Books Week at the official Banned Books Week website.

The Banned Books Week Hop is organized by I am a reader, not a writer and I read banned books. Make sure you check out their blogs!

What am I giving away?

No, it’s neither a classic, nor a YA novel, it’s a children’s book (a classic in its own right). A book that I love, that I read to my kids frequently, a book everybody should know. It is called “The Lorax”.

As unbelievable as it sounds, “The Lorax” was banned in 1989 by the Laytonville, Calif. Unified School District because it "criminalizes the foresting industry". No, it doesn’t. If anything, it criminalizes entrepreneurs who exploit nature without making sure to replenish by re-planting.

The Lorax cover

If you would like to know more about the Lorax, please read my post about The Lorax Project. The beginning of The Lorax is featured in this Book beginnings on Fridays post.

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  1. Want to thank you for your post and the giveaway.

    The American Library Association website for banned/challenged books–short list for classics only–includes To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee; 1984, by George Orwell; A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway; Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell; and Sophie’s Choice, by William Styron. The first four were required reading in my school days.

    A commenter on Murder She Writes, however, took me aback by mentioning the Bible, which of course is banned in some places.

    Canada has a similar banned book event in February.


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