Needlework Tuesday: Crochet wire necklace

After the red and black necklace from last week I made another one with a slightly different technique. This one consists of three different strands that are twisted together at both ends, whereas the first one was one long strand that was “folded up”. The advantage of the first one: there is no fiddling to twist and get the strands together. The advantage of the second one: you can add beads along the way if you notice you haven’t started out with enough.

Crochet wire necklace

Last week Tami asked for instructions. I found two which are quite helpful:

Basically what you do is you thread the beads and then start stitching chains and always push one bead to the hook and add it to your chain stitch. It sounds and looks more complicated than it is.

    The easy way is to do it like this (sorry for the more than simple looking image):wire_necklace
    All you need to make sure is that you have enough beads threaded to last for the intended length of the necklace. You crochet the whole length in one go and “fold” the strands in the required length and keep them in place with a safety pin on both ends. When you finish you just clasp the ends of all strands and put them on two jump rings and attach a fastener. That’s it!

    Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts.

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