Needlework Tuesday: Crochet flower necklace

I am all into combining crochet and beading at the moment. When the last two weeks it was about crochet with wire this week I am combining crochet flowers with beading. I crocheted the little flowers and then threaded them onto wire with a larger bead in the middle of the flower and smaller beds between the flowers. The instructions said to sew the middle bead onto the flower but I chose not to because I found it easier that way (and I could skip the sewing). For threading the flowers on the wire I had to use a needle since the wire was too  elastic to go through the yarn just so.

My next necklace is already in the making. It will be longer with larger five petal flowers in black, grey and light blue.

Crochet flower necklace

Photo template from puglypixel

Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts.

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    • Thanks, Birgit.
      I have made a couple as gifts, but the majority I am keeping to myself. I am still not very experienced and the competition on Etsy (do you know Dawanda? It is very similar to Etsy, but it’s German) is pretty stiff. At my creating speed it really wouldn’t pay, I think.


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