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The mysteries of UdolphoLately it seems I pick up quite a lot of books that turn out to be a DNF. I tried so hard to read (and like) “The mysteries of Udolpho” which is a book I have been wanting to read for a long time, actually ever since reading “Northanger Abbey”. The Gothic Reading Challenge was the perfect opportunity to finally tackle it.

According to Goodreads I started reading that book on June 26. You want to know how far I got? To page 48!

I was willing, I compared covers, I told you the book beginning, Udolpho turned up on my monthly reading lists – to no avail.  That book is so long winded, it defies description. Admittedly, at 880 pages I didn’t expect it to go medias in res, but the descriptions of scenery bored the hell out of me, and I didn’t want to read through 200 pages of them before the gothic “horror” would start. If it ever started I don’t know. 

I think it’s time to say good bye to it and just face the fact that the mysteries of Udolpho will remain a mystery to me.

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  1. I ran out on two books recently! Such a pity when that happens. But with over 800 pages, how could you possibly keep reading if you’re bored at page 48 already? You’re right to stop. There are enough good books in the world that should get your attention.

    I do like the cover, though!
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    • Now I feel better, Judith. I know, we shouldn’t waste our limited time on books we don’t enjoy.


  2. I dumped The Cellist of Sarajevo this week… well yesterday. And worst, it was actually my book group read – the second month in the row! I got 160 pages through it and although it was only 220 pages all together I’m afraid I couldn’t do it. I only got that far because I was speed reading it so fast I skipped whole paragraphs just to make it go faster. Can you really say you’ve read a book just because you only fully read perhaps 2 paragraphs a page? Not really.


    I think you showed great stamina to still be trying after so long having only got 48 pages in. I’d have dumped it long before then.

    I always feel a little bit of a failure not completing a book especially if i do read over half of it. It’s such a waste of time and also, kinda sad for the book too.


    • I know what you mean about feeling like a failure. I keep thinking, if I had read on a bit, maybe it would have become better.


  3. I remember I struggled with it in my 4th year of college, when I attended a class that requested it… I hate it when I have to read certain books… and how I appreciate the freedom of reading whatever I fancy 🙂


  4. I just recently got this from the library and was pretty intimidated by the size and small print, lol! If I knew it was going to be great, those things wouldn’t bother me so much. It’s hard to invest so much time in something mediocre. So I just don’t know if I will actually read it…
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    • Shelley, don’t let me stop you from at least starting to read it! You might really like it. You can always do what I did and just give it up after a few pages.


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