Interrupting my scheduled program

I have to interrupt my blog posting activities for a few days as I have to stay in the hospital with one of our boys. My internet access is limited there, so I am not sure how often I can update the blog.

So I think it is best to extend the period of time for entries for the steampunk haiku contest until Oct. 26 and then go from there. By that time I should be back home and everything should have returned to normal.

Also if I am not able to draw the winner of the Literary blog hop before that, I will do that as well.

Please be patient! I’ll be back as soon as possible.

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    • Thanks, Judith. At least I will have more time than ever to read as I have nothing else to do there. So I am planning to come back with quite a few reviews ready to post.


    • Thanks, Birgit. I know, just that this falls exactly into the time where a couple of events run out. Excellent timing, :). So, the least I can do is letting people know.


  1. Hope your soon is doing better – whatever the issue. And some of your readers (meaning me) are so far behind on our blog reading that you can skip a few days without us really noticing. 🙂 – but hope you’ll be back and everyone going strong soon.


  2. Thank you. We are still in hospital but he is doing better. I hope to be out of that place by the end of the week.

    Tami, I know, when I am back home I will probably have about 3000 blog posts to read in my Google reader. I suppose it will be the “mark all as read” button for me, :).


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