Sweat Shop Paris by Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis


The Sweat Shop Book brings the namesake Paris Sweat Shop founded by Martena Duss and Sissi Holleis to North America with more than 50 DIY fashion and home projects, including instructions and more than 200 helpful, inspiring full-color photographs. The first "café couture" sewing shop in Paris, the Sweat Shop was named to highlight the questionable nature in which store-bought clothing is sometimes made. Instead of rewarding dubious labor practices, the Sweat Shop and The Sweat Shop Book inspire crafters to make something unique with their own sweat equity and creativity.


In a nutshell:

I liked it:     No, but that is me and my lack of skill.

For people who are advanced seamstresses, have an extravagant style.

My thoughts: 

I feel inadequate to talk about this book.

Apart from maybe two projects all the patterns in “The Sweat Shop Paris” are not for beginners, so I am not really the person to judge whether they are explained well or not. All projects are accompanied by a number of illustrations and a photograph of the finished piece. They range from a tote bag to a twisted hoodie to flapper trousers to a sweater and many, many more.

As for the style, it was not mine. While all projects looked very professional they were just not my taste at all and I wouldn’t be interested in recreating any one of them, even if I was able to.

I am sure that for the experienced seamstress with an unusual, very individual taste that matches the one in the book, it will be a treasure trove. Unfortunately I am neither the former nor do I have the latter and don’t belong to the target group.

Product info and buy link :

Title Sweat Shop Paris: Lessons from a sewing café
Author Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis
Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN 978-1449408404
I got this book from netgalley
More info Sweat Shop Pairs website
Buy link Buy Sweat Shop Paris: Lessons from a Sewing Cafe


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