My reading list for November


October was a good reading month (thanks to the fact that I had to stay at the hospital for ten days with my son). 

I read

  • “Dead in the Water” by Carola Dunn (review coming soon)
  • “Styx and Stones” by Carola Dunn (review coming soon)
  • “Falling for me” by Anna David (review coming soon)
  • “A taste to die for” by J. G. Goodhind (review coming soon)
  • “The imperfectly perfect home” by Deborah Needleman
  • “Sweat Shop Paris” by Martena Duss & Sissi Holleis
  • “The hottest dishes of the Tartar Cuisine” by Alina Bronsky (review coming soon for German Literature Month)
  • “Catherine the Great” by Robert K. Massie
  • I decided to give up on “The mysteries of Udolpho”. So, I failed at the Gothinc Reading Challenge.
  • I started to read “Everything beautiful began after” by Simon van Booy that everybody is raving about. Somehow this must not have been the right time for me to read it, as I  never got past page 30 or so. I’ll keep that one for later. 

For this month I am planning to read:

“Maybe this time” (Die Kinder beruhigte das nicht) by Alois Hotschnig for German Literature Month

“The Winter Palace” by Eva Stachniak

“Where the God of Love hangs out” by Amy Bloom


    What is on your reading list this month?

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  1. I hope to finish ” Man walk into a room” by Nicole Krauss, and Winterson’s memoir when it gets here. It’s a very hectic month, with papers to grade and different things to get sone, so I wil lbe pleased if I complete these two books (though I am sure I wil lfinish the momoir in 2-3 days 🙂
    Ally’s last post ..Aleph – 6 Word Sum Up


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