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Like most women, whether they’ve chosen the Fortune 500 career path or have five kids by 35, Anna David wondered if she’d made the right choices. Then she came upon the classic Sex & the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmo’s fearless leader from the mid-sixties to the late nineties.

Immediately connecting with Gurley Brown’s unique message of self-empowerment combined with undeniable femininity, Anna vowed to use Sex as a lesson plan, venturing out of her comfort zone to meet men in new ways and date those she would have never before considered. She decides to open herself up in every way possible, hoping to overcome the fears that have haunted her for years.

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For people who like: self-improvement stories

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"Falling for me" is the tale of Anna David almost re-inventing herself with the help of a book from the 60s written by Helen Gurley Brown about "Sex and the Single Girl". She takes every single advice from the book and tries to adapt it for her own use and integrate it into her life.

At the beginning of her transformation she is suffering from severe heartbreak and realizes she has to do something to change her attitude. She is a workaholic who has basically no hobbies and never sticks to anything. At times I wondered how on Earth she manages her life on her own. She can’t cook, she buys furniture simply because they are cheap with no sense of what goes together at all, her wardrobe is an eclectic mess, she always picks the wrong men. In some ways she is so naive that I was wondering how she ever gets anything done without being taken advantage of.

Even though she continuously tries to convince me that she is doing all that self improvement for herself and finding a partner is not the main goal, I could never shake the feeling until the end that it is. Even when she says that she is perfectly alright with being single now that she has found her best self, it didn’t quite ring true to me.

Also, on her various dates, there is always something that puts her off the guy. She continuously tells herself she has to lower her standards, but she doesn’t really seem to do that. Before you start arguing now, I am not saying that lowering one’s standards is a good thing per se, but Anna David’s standards seem to be unreachable for ANY man. She doesn’t seem to give them a chance at all or maybe she is just looking for things to complain about. I was starting to wonder whether she even WANTED a relationship and then her therapist puts my thoughts into words when he asks her whether she was available at all.

All her "adventures" are interesting and a lot of them very funny. I suppose that is because a lot of her dates are such failures that you can’t help but laugh.

I wouldn’t say this book is for someone who is looking for the same sort of self improvement project, as quite a few of the steps of the program require a good deal of money. Buying furniture, new wardrobe, taking classes, hiring professionals etc. doesn’t come cheap. So if you are a single girl looking for a man (or simply want to change your style in a big way) and have to live on a small income don’t use Anna David’s way as your guide.

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Title Falling for Me
Author Anna David
Publisher Harper Collins
ISBN 9780061996047
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