Thursday 13: Search terms


Sometimes the ways that people follow to get to this blog are intriguing and mysterious indeed. Here are some search terms that caught my attention…

No. Search term or question my comment
1 how to get rikkis’ clothes you can’t
2 reading doesn’t hold my attention it holds mine
3 throw whole book into a fire never done that before, but I have heard of a few people who did
4 Bookmooch problems you don’t say!
5 213 213 what? Room? Floor? Books? What?
6 Brett Ashley a bitch the sun also rises Exactly!
7 abc meme underwear There is a meme about underwear? Whereabout?
8 crochet a netbook can you do that?
9 what to do next time I don’t know either
10 Lentil Pie You wouldn’t believe how many people search for lentil pie! Here it is.
11 bibliography in farmville by george orwell This very much reminds me of bookstorebingo. “Farmville” indeed!
12 something written on wallpaper like what?
13 rikki and his lovers I don’t object to the lovers, but I do object to the “his”!


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  1. that is too funny – reminds me I’ll have to check and see how folks are finding my blog

    happy thurs 13 I posted about my top 13 diet tips (helped me get from 308 to a healthy 135 lbs
    healh and happiness, Lady Rose


  2. Haha this is great. I’ve had a few strange searches lead to my blog too. It is always fun to look at them. Such a great idea for a post!

    Happy Thursday!


  3. These are wonderful! The one about the ABC Underwear Meme I actually understood – isn’t that frightning? I saw a meme called The ABC’s of Me on a friend’s blog the other day. There was a category for each letter of the alphabet – A = age, etc. – to help you get to know your blogger. U = underwear. That’s all just underwear – no clue as to whether that meant what type do you wear? Do you wear at all? Strange!
    Tami’s last post ..Shakespeare’s Christmas by Charlaine Harris


    • Ah, thanks, Tami, I was wondering about that. Strange that the search took him/her to this blog.


  4. Haha… oh there are some strange, strange things people search for and some rather peculiar trends as well that I don’t always expect.

    One of the most disturbing search terms I came across was “fucking fiona coop”. I guess he was searching for porn. Ew.
    Fiona’s last post ..Book Review: Mercy–Jussi Adler-Olsen


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