Steampunk challenge final recap


The Steampunk challenge 2010/2011 is finished and I would like to do a short recap of what went on. Please, if you read more Steampunk books, feel free to add your review links to the review page. Just because the challenge is officially over doesn’t mean that we can’t make the list grow.

Number of participants: 88

Number of reviews: 82

Number of entries for the flash fiction contest: 43

Winner of the flash fiction contest: Chris Pantazis

Number of entries for the haiku contest: 17

Winner of the haiku contest: Giada M.

Just in case you have bookmarked any of the challenge pages, I changed their location and placed them under the challenge page in the top menu, so previously created links won’t work any longer.

Thank you everybody for participating. It was great fun! And thanks to the very helpful Steampunk community for helping us out with information and reading recommendations.

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