Venice in February Reading Challenge

Venice in February

And yet another challenge…I don’t know, but there are so many tempting ones and I just can’t let them pass.

Ally from Snow Feathers and Bellezza from Dolce Bellezza are hosting the Venice in February Reading Challenge. They have even created a dedicated blog just for that challenge – how great is that? Just look at the header picture and start dreaming! You can already find reading recommendations there and it will be used to link to all the reviews.

What do you have to do? Just read one or more books about or set in Venice during the month of February and that’s it. This is what AllyVenice says about the location:

We have chosen Venice because it’s a unique city, with a dreamlike atmosphere and yet, with secrets to discover. Whoever visited Venice once still wishes to go back and this challenge may be the next best thing 🙂

I wholeheartedly agree. Venice is wonderful, even in summer when it is overcrowded with tourists.  A great location for a reading challenge.

As it happens, one of the books recommended is already on my reading list for next year. All I need to do is make sure to read it in February. It is

  • “Across the river and into the trees” by Ernest Hemingway

If I am going to read anything else I don’t know. Donna Leon would be a quick read and it would be great for Venetian atmosphere, but I really don’t care for Commissario Brunetti. He has NOTHING on Commissario Montalbano, I don’t know why so many people like him as much as they do. But I am digressing.

Do you feel like going on a short trip to Venice? Then join this reading challenge and enjoy that lovely city in February!

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  1. Trips to Venice should never be short 🙂 Thanks so much for joining us and promoting the challenge on your site! We’ll definitely meet in February. Oh, and you can read “The passion”, since it is set in Venice. I myself will definitely read “The Book of Human Skin” by Michelle Lovric and two or three more, but I haven’t decided yet on all the books 🙂 I am sure we’ll have plenty of fun while virtually strolling in Venice…
    Ally’s last post ..Venice in February Reading Challenge 2012


    • Ally, you are right. I saw that the Winterson book was on the recommendations list and was considering it. I’ll see how it goes. Actually, a trip to Venice CAN be short, it’s not that far and even a weekend would be fun. You just have to go more often, :).


  2. I’m interested in Hemingway’s novel, too, having enjoyed him properly for the first time this summer when I read A Moveable Feast. (Somehow, I didn’t appreciate him when he was required reading in High School at all). So glad you’re joining the challenge! Nice to meet you, 😉


    • I also read A Moveable Feast this year, which was my third book by E.H. (all read in 2011, I only discovered him now. Well obviously I have heard of him before but never read him). I have a few more of his books waiting incl. a really big biography and am really looking forward to reading Across the river….


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