The Bascetta Star

My 24 days of ChristmasHow about some Origami to make some Christmas decoration?

Some time ago at work the staff wanted to make origami stars for Christmas and I went with my son to learn how to do it.

There we made a star from 30 sheets of origami paper which looked absolutely stunning (and complicated). I have to admit our star doesn’t look so great, it was our first try, the folding was kind of sloppy and the assembling was difficult. For this post I had a look around on the net to find instructions and found out that this specific design is called the Bascetta Star (it was originally designed by Paolo Bascetta) and is a stellated dodecahedron.

On An origami a day I found the link to a You tube video with pretty clear instructions. The video is in German but you can see rather well what is being done.


This , by the way, is our star which will hang from our ceiling during Christmas. It is made with paper of three different colors and you can see that the color combination is not correct on every spike. Ah, well, it’ll do.

Have you ever tried to make origami stars? Link me up if you have or if you are giving the Bascetta star a go!

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  1. That looks great and the instructions are very clear. I might try it some day if I have some spare time and enough patience. Thanks for sharing!


    • Pepca, yes, patience is definitely needed. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


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