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I had to wait a few weeks for my new IMM post as books have been coming in only slowly. But here they are….


I swapped

I bought

I got as a gift

From the library


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  1. Love the covers of the Alexander McCall smith books! I’ve never heard about the author before so imagine my surprise when I checked out the Goodreads links to the books just to find out those are mysteries … makes them all the more interesting to me 🙂 !
    Birgit’s last post ..Blogoversary Giveaway #6


  2. You’re going through a McCall Smith period, eh? 😉 Like Judith, I keep thinking I have to start sometime, but so many other books to read first :s I like this “grown-up” cover as well as his more colourful ones. As for the German books, isn’t there a German author challenge somewhere? I’d love to read more! Happy reading 🙂


    • You probably mean the German literature month which was hosted by Caroline and Lizzy in November. At Caroline’s site (Beauty is a sleeping cat) you will find lots of suggestions and reviews.


  3. Judith and Chinoiseries, yes, those covers are wonderful. I ordered the books on amazon marketplace and one of them was not the proper one. I was livid, :). Will rant about this next week.
    Yes, the other covers are rather corlorful and fancy, I prefer those illustrations here, they look so sophisticated.


    • Getting the wrong cover on an ordered book is so annoying indeed! How come (online) booksellers don’t understand that?? At least you got the right one in the end?


      • Actually, I haven’t gotten the right one yet, and I can’t even complain to the seller because of a strange mix up of ISBN numbers. But I will get it eventually!


  4. I noticed you are in the mood for McCall Smith. I haven’t read anything by him, it just didn’t happen although there have been some books on sale a few years ago… I had my Murakami phase this summer, but I have taken a break from him till next year 🙂
    Nothing in my mail box, since I can’t buy any book till next year, but I am getting scared of the long list lurking in the darkness of my folder :)))
    Ally’s last post ..The European Reading Challenge


    • I have only ever read one book by Murakami and even though I didn’t dislike it I never got into the mood for more. It was his first one I think, in German it is called “Wilde Schafsjagd”.


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