Comparing covers: The Sunday Philosophy Club

Since I have already been going on about the ugly cover of the second book it’s high time to talk about the covers of the first book in the Sunday Philosophy Club series.

No doubt, the first cover is the best of all.  The fourth one is way too colourful and the whole style is not fitting at all. I have no idea what the coffee cups on the other English and one of the French covers have to do with the story. Yeah, people drink coffee, but then again, who doesn’t? Somehow publishers must think that Alexander McCall Smith and coffee go together well. There are also cups of coffee on my cover of “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate” and (this time fully justified) on “The perils of morning coffee".

The German cover is quite good again, however, the German tendency to use idiotic, misleading titles in order to attract the masses is very annoying. I have no idea why. Whereas ALL other languages stick to the original title the Germans changed it into a plain mystery title. “In Edinburgh murder is forbidden”, what on Earth is that supposed to mean? Is murder allowed elsewhere? The Germans just can’t leave well alone when it comes to book titles. No wonder some people on Amazon were disappointed with the book. Then again, if they buy a book with such a moronic title, they don’t deserve better.

I don’t care in the least for the Italian or Spanish illustrations. The Bulgarian cover (the title is a literal translation of the original according to Google translator) reflects the location, the Portuguese one the place where the “murder” happens, which I like in this case.

Which is your favourite cover?

The Sunday Philosophy Club The Sunday Philosophy Club The Sunday Philosophy Club The Sunday Philosophy Club The Sunday Philosophy Club French The Sunday Philosophy Club French

The Sunday Philosophy Club German The Sunday Philosophy Club Italian The Sunday Philosophy Club Bulgarian The Sunday Philosophy Club Spanish The Sunday Philosophy Club Portuguese

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  1. I’m only familiar with the second cover 9and I think I saw the first one here on your blog). I think the 3rd one fits in quire well with the No1 Ladies books and so that is nice. Those 3 covers appeal most to me. The others I don’t like.

    What I noticed is that the German book has a completely different title than the others? What is wrong with “Der Sonntag Philosophie Club”? OK, doesn’t sound too brilliant maybe, but: “Murder is disallowed in Edinburgh”? Hmm….
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..New Arrivals!


    • Judith, I have no idea what German publishers think. That title is so stupid! “Der Club der Sonntagsphilosophen” does not sound so bad actually.
      The worst cases are the ones where they take an English book and give it ANOTHER English title for the German market. How strange and odd is that?

      As for covers, I didn’t like the Ladies’ Detective Agency books and didn’t care for the covers either. But in that case they fit the theme whereas in this case, it doesn’t, in my opinion.


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