Quizzical Monday


OK, Christmas is almost over, it’s time to talk about the New Year!


What book starts with New Year’s resolutions? Hint: Some of them are…

I will not behave sluttishly around the house, but instead imagine others are watching.

I will not get upset over men, but instead be poised and cool ice-queen.

I will drink no more than fourteen alcohol units a week.

I will form functional relationship with responsible adult.

    If you need another hint: Every girl/woman knows this book.

Leave a comment with your answer. Then, to see whether you got it right,  click on "Show" below.  As usual, there is nothing to be won, this is just for fun!

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    • I can’t get it right, can I? It’s either way too hard or way too easy….:) Oh, well, there is always next week!


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