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My book count in 2011 was not that great, I must admit. Of the 100 books planned (that figure just came to me because it looks so nice, it’s not that I had a real *plan*) I have only started 67, and only finished 55. 12 were DNFs! Here are all the books I tried to tackle in 2011:

Books read in 2011 

Pages read: 16.979 minus all the DNF pages, which I can’t possible find out. Some of them were some real chunksters, like Udolpho or Empress

In 2012 I must be a little less ambitious. For the Outdo yourself reading challenge I chose the “Getting my heart rate up” level, which means 1-5 books more than in 2011.

Where does this leave me for 2012? At 56 to 60 books!

For the other challenges I joined twenty books are already certain to be read (theoretically, at least). 36 to 40 are open to whim. Knowing me I have an inkling that this is a bad idea, but we will see how it goes.

What are your reading goals for the new year?

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    • Ally, 30 books is quite a lot, depending on what it is. Some of my books this year were small or craft books that can hardly be considered “reading”.
      Also, see Elena’s comment below. 🙂


  1. A literature professor once told me that it doesn’t matter how much you read but the quality of it and how you let it change you. So, my goal in 2012 is to find books that make me a better person, no matter how many of them I read!
    Elena’s last post ..The Sealed Letter Review


    • He was definitely right, Elena. But you must know how book bloggers are! All about statistics and counting the pages, :).


  2. I need to go remind myself what challenges I’ve signed up to! I think it’s good to challenge yourself to read more or different books but not to compare yourself with others. We all have different lives and reading speeds. I am lucky to live by myself (well I see it as lucky) so I can read uninterrupted for hours if I choose. I see how busy some bloggers are and am amazed how much they read and write at the same time!
    Ellie’s last post ..The Year That Was 2011


    • You are right, we all live such different lives that you can’t compare yourself with others. I sometimes envy people who live alone, as they can choose when to read and what to do whenever they feel like it. With two young kids reading time is short, so I did quite good.
      Yes, there are other bloggers out there who read so much, even with a family, I can’t imagine how they do it.


  3. I always try to read more than I did the year before, but If it doesn’t happen, no big deal. I do want to read more by Canadian First Nations authors as well as authors from a greater range of countries. Mostly I tend to read by Canadian, American and British authors.
    Heather’s last post ..OmniLit – All Romance ebooks


    • Heather, I don’t stress about it either. The main thing is to have a good time reading.


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