Giveaway planning for 2012 and a quizzical Monday

Planning my giveaways

I decided to give away a book each month in order to decrease the number of books on our shelves. I am a reader, not a writer hosts a lot of giveaway hops and they are always fun with lots of participants and they create a lot of traffic (and don’t we all love traffic?).  So I decided to go with her hops and will participate in one of them each month.

I have already planned my giveaway books for the first half of the year. I’m not saying what I will be giving away, of course, but to tease you a bit I will tell you some of the blurb…


Witty, fast-moving entertainment…A romp of a novel.


One of the season’s twistiest, tautest, most tantalizing tales of sleuthery!


Now, with this #1 New York Times bestselling novel, she outdoes herself, with a wry tale of life and turmoil behind the blue wall.


The prolific (insert name of writer here) combines suspense and romance with the master’s touch.


Ambitious and accomplished…The characterisation is rich, the dialogue both original and convincing.


(Insert writer’s name here) seamlessly weaves…a delightful and lively tale…period details bring immediacy to a neatly choreographed dance through Bath society.

Now, are you curious? Have you recognized a book from its praise? If you have, leave a comment! I will draw the winner of a small bookish prize.

If you are possessed by ambition now and would like a few hints, click on the “show” button below. Then post your answers in the comments!

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    • Ally, I can’t tell you whether you are right or wrong, of course, but thank you for playing. And good luck with the other 4!


  1. I feel terrible after not recognizing a single one of them… But I am especially interested in “Now, with this #1 New York Times bestselling novel, she outdoes herself, with a wry tale of life and turmoil behind the blue wall. ” because it reminds me of “Room” by Emma Donoghue.
    Elena’s last post ..Dear 2012…


    • Don’t, Elena! I am sure I wouldn’t recognize any of the books just from that little information. I am sure you are in good company.


    • Yes, it is. I am planning to use this idea in more quizzical Monday posts from now on, :).


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