Awesome’s Magic Bundles

I am sure you know Awesome’s Magic Bundles. They consist of three books of one genre or by one author and cost only very little.

However, it would be even better if there were no duplicates in bundles. I understand that they are put together randomly and that they probably go by ISBN numbers or something but couldn’t they make sure somehow that they don’t throw two books with the same title into one bundle?

C.S. Lewis bundle

This spoils the fun of browsing quite a bit. But nevertheless they are worth a look! If you don’t care for particular editions and don’t mind used books the bundles are a great deal.


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  1. I love Magic bundles. I’m pretty sure I found out about them because of a tweet of yours 🙂 But yeah, a bit silly to include duplicate titels in a bundle :/


    • Could be, I know I blogged about them before, but then I had no clue about the duplicates, :). Very annoying, that!


    • You are right, Birgit, they are only about 1 EUR cheaper than buying books individually, But I never checked if they have those bundled books separately at all. Maybe they are just the last fo the last and they only give them away in bundles to get rid of them. However, Awesome’s choice of used books and the great prices make this a favourite site of mine. Just ordered three more books yesterday.


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