Quizzical Monday


It’s time for another “Quizzical Monday”!


It’s about a classic today.

What book does Julien Sorel belong into? What are the names of the two real people who were the character models for Julien?

A hint: This is the author of the book.

Who is this?

Leave a comment with your answer. Then, to see whether you got it right,  click on "Show" below.  As usual, there is nothing to be won, this is just for fun!

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      • 1880 is not too far off. You could have been way more wrong, really, just like you said. (15th century Australian poet is about as far off as you can be, 🙂 ). So you did great. Hey, I wouldn’t have known Stendhal’s looks either….


  1. I read the book and analyzed it during my French classes in high school and college, but I didn’t know the second part of the question… or I didn’t remember it… hmm, I am getting old(er) 🙂


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