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OK, so I finally broke down and got a tumblelog. I keptseeing those nice, clean tumblr posts and always wondered what tumblr was. Actually it is quite a nice way to post things that don’t fit exactly on the blog but I want to have together in one place anyway. Photos, quotes, videos, random stuff….So, there I am, at the (still very empty) Teleidoscope 2.0. Have a look and follow me if you like!

Have you got a tumblelog? If so, link me up, please!

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    • I think the big difference is that tumblr is like a blog in the sense that you have dated posts that can consist of images, quotes, text, videos….whereas on Pinterest you only post images and categorize them in boards. I look at pinterest as a sort of image display whereas tumblr is more like a micro blog.
      But they are similar in the sense that you follow people, like things and can re-blog other people’s content.


  1. I do have one, actually two, one is related to my favorite writer, Jeanette Winterson, but I still find it too crazy to check daily or even use… Maybe I didn’t have enough time to check how it really works without looking like it’s a hectic place 🙂
    Ally’s last post ..Nos Separations – David Foenkinos


    • Yes, one does have to get used to it and fin one’s way around. But I find it ideal for little things that don’t fit anywhere else.


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