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Carin from A little bookish and I exchanged a few bookish gifts recently. Can you believe that during her move last year she lost the book bag I sent to her in one of our swaps?! For someone who looks so well after her books she certainly is rather careless when it comes to looking after her book bags! But all that aside, I sent her a replacement book bag and some bookmarks and…what else?…I can’t remember whether I sent anything else at all. Maybe that was it.

Carin sent me all this:

Goodie Bag 

She knows I love bags as much as the next girl (or maybe even more) from our big grocery bag exchange in 2010.  So she got me a book bag from Powell’s together with some bookmarks, a postcard, a store map (yes, that store has its own map and from the looks of it it certainly needs it) and a sticker (I believe anyone telling me they got lost in the city of books!) as well as another large red shopping bag from a store called Food Fight, a vegan grocery/convenience store in Portland. It’s very sturdy and will definitely accompany on my future shopping trips. Thanks, Carin, for the awesome goodies!

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  1. I liked the name of the store, too! The store was this little hole in the wall place near-ish to downtown Portland. Was fun to go in there, but I felt like an imposter since I’m not vegan!

    I’m so glad you liked everything. I still am looking for my first book bag. I need to ask my dad if it is at his place. I use the new one all the time though! I love it! It’s perfect for my Kindle!

    We’ll have to do another bookish exchange if I travel somewhere again. I did find this neat independent bookstore here in Albuquerque. The owner’s mom makes bookmarks for the store and they gave me two of them! I will try to go in some other time and buy a book and get a bookmark for you. Otherwise, I’m hopefully planning a trip to Canada this year (I would love to go to Europe also…has to be one or the other…and I have to see what the exchange rate is like. I think it’s gotten a little more favorable over the last year or so). Wherever I go, I’ll pick up some bookish gifts for exchange with people that want to exchange!
    Carin’s last post ..The Disappearing Spoon–Sam Kean


    • I didn’t think it was so small looking at their website. I know what you mean about the imposter thing. I kinda feel like that everytime I go into an Asian store where all the customers and employees are Chinese, for example. I have no idea what the labels say etc. and feel like I don’t belong there.

      I am glad you like the new bag. Oh, yes, we can definitely do another exchange. I will be on the lookout for “exotic” bookish stuff, too.


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