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A small computer problem (motherboard failure) causes me to interrupt my blogging activities for a hopefully short time. While John is slaving away fixing the damn thing I will use the time to read more. Thank God a delivery from Awesome Books has arrived on Saturday…


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    • Tell me about it, Ally! I was so annoyed. Just went beep beep beep…when I tried to turn it on….


    • So do I. I don’t like blogging directly in wordpress but only with Live Writer. I have all my templates stored on my PC and tons of half-prepared posts. I hope they are still there, otherwise I will be more than annoyed, :).


  1. My computer has been acting up a bit too lately – the past weeks it was fine, but in December I had trouble starting that darn thing and I still remember the last time it did just that the motherboard was slowly committing suicide. So it’ll probably only be a matter of time until my comp follows in your comp’s footsteps *grumbles*. The only good thing is that I have a Netbook for emergencies and it has already served me well in times of computer or internet troubles!
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  2. Argh, I hate computer problems. I have a feeling that the power cable thing for my laptop is on the way out as it keeps saying it’s unplugged, which it isn’t and I haven’t even moved the damn thing so I don’t know what it’s going on about.

    Hope you get it back soon, Rikki. Strange how many things you suddenly can’t do without a computer though.
    Fiona’s last post ..Book Review: The Looming Tower–Lawrence Wright


    • That’s true, Fiona! What would we do without them? I miss it…. Laptop and phone are just not the same.


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