My custom-made pocket planner

I almost like planners of any kind more than bags – almost! As much as I try to stick to one Filofax and simply change the calendar part each year, I can’t. I NEED a new calendar for variety. Some time ago I found this site where you can design your own calendar either with templates they provide or with your own design for front and back. The inside you can fill with modules that you need, choose your favourite color etc. It’s great. This is my very personal self made pocket planner:

Front Back


Both cover images I had already made previously, the front is part of a much larger poster that is hanging in our hall (the quote is by Seneca), the back is a smaller one I made for a scrapbooking challenge a long time ago (you had to use wings which were the rage back then. Instead of putting them on a cute kid I decided to put them on Mata Hari).

Want your own custom-made calendar? Go to Mein Taschenkalender!

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  1. This is amazing. My daughter is addicted to planners. We tease her that she has a planner to organize her planners. She can never have just one. She would love this site. She and I are currently working on “This is Not a Book”. If you haven’t heard of it, go online and check it out. SO much fun – and we got to decorate the cover ourselves.

    I’ll check out the planner website. Are they expensive?


    • I will check out “This is not a book”, Tami. Sounds interesting.
      The planner website is really easy to use and the price is ok. Not too cheap, but for a self made planner I am prepared to pay a little more.


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