Agatha Raisin and the walkers of Dembley


After six months in London, Agatha Raisin returns to her beloved Cotswold village and her dashing neighbor, James Lacey. Well, sort of. James might not be so interested in Agatha. But soon enough, Agatha becomes consumed by her other passion: crime-solving.
A woman has been found dead in a lonely field nearby. Her name is Jessica Tartinck, a hiker who infuriated wealthy landowners by insisting on her hiking club’s right to trek across their properties.
Now it’s up to Agatha, with James’s help, to launch an investigation. Together, they will follow no shortage of leads; many of Jessica’s fellow Dembley walkers seem all too willing and able to commit murder. But the trail of a killer is as easy to lose as your heart and your life. So Agatha and James had better watch their every step . . .

In a nutshell:

I read it in: English

I liked it:     Yes

For people who like: cozy mysteries combined with affairs of the heart

My thoughts: 

This book introduces us to an interesting concept and the resulting fanatism of some people. The English right of way and the ramblers. According to “The walkers of Dembley” there must be some pretty weird groups of people out there who like to cause trouble and love confrontation with landowners. I understand not all ramblers are militant but the murder victim here certainly is. Why someone would want to walk across the land of someone else with no other purpose than to get into an argument with the landowner and insist on his/her right of way is beyond me. There are other paths to use without less trouble after all.

From what John told me it seems that a right of way expires if it is not used for a certain amount of time (we are not talking weeks or months  here), but why someone would like to uphold the right of way straight through a field of rapeseed God only knows. This must be one of those peculiarities like train spotting or plane spotting that other nations don’t understand.


Agatha gets weirder and weirder. Somehow that woman must think that her life has nothing to do with reality.

At the end of the book James asks her to marry him (I can’t imagine why, but that is neither here nor there) and she agrees. The fact that she is still married and has no clue as to the whereabouts of her drunkard of a husband doesn’t seem to fluster her in the least. Instead of saying to James, who later recalls to have heard something to that effect, that she needs to divorce her husband first and that is that, she just claims that everybody remembers wrongly what she said and that her husband, indeed, has been dead for years. Is she insane? She is vaguely aware of what she is about to do is called bigamy and illegal, but so what?! She even goes so far as to say to Bill Wong that she will kill anybody who will stand in her way to marriage. I bet this is going to cause quite a bit of trouble for her in the next book in the series “Agatha Raisin and the murderous marriage”, especially since her former friend, now arch enemy Roy is already calling detective agencies in order to find Jimmy. How fun! The next book will be a blast, if I can get myself to reading it, I hate big time liars.

Location: The fictional village of Carsely, Cotswolds, England, UK

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Title Agatha Raisin and the walkers of Dembley
Author M. C. Beaton
Publisher Robinson
ISBN 9781849011372
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