Crafty Tuesday: The photobook


Some time ago I got a coupon from a company producing photo books, calendars and other photo gifts. They are operating in various countries, in Germany and other European countries they are called Cewe Fotobuch, in the US they are Smilebooks. I hadn’t used that company before and was curious to see their product, especially because their rates are quite good and considerably cheaper than some of their competitors’. The coupon was reason enough for me to finally finish my photobook of 2009 (!). The production only took a few days and in Germany you can have it delivered to a retail shop of various partners and so even save postage costs.

I was very pleased with the result, the quality is very good and sturdy (this is the standard kind, not the luxury one), I had it within a few days (upload on the 6th, pick up at shop on the 10th) and the customer service is extremely friendly and speedy. I never use any of the offered designs because I upload complete scrapbook pages, but there are tons of designs, colors and styles to choose from, so there is something for everybody, and creating the book couldn’t be easier.

Here are just a few of the pages: yearbook

If you have photos lying around on your HD and are too lazy to print them and stick them into a photo album, either because of the time commitment, the bulk or the mess, you should consider a photobook!

Have you done anything crafty lately? Let me know, I am always looking for inspiration.



I got the coupon for a photobook from Cewe in exchange for a link to their services on my scrapbooking website and not for a blog post about the photobook. But I was so pleased with the result that I chose to write about them anyway.

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