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Today I am talking about a cookbook that has been standing on our shelves for years. I have never made a recipe from it. I have no idea why, because I really like soups. This has to stop!

Especially with my crock pot it should be pretty easy to create a stew from that book, don’t you think? 1001 recipes, I am sure I can find something.

The book has a whopping 850+ pages and has no photos. It starts with a chapter on making stocks from scratch and then offers – among others- chapters on chowders, melting-pot soups, seafood soups, vegetarian soups (62 pages), quick-and-easy soups, meat stews, poultry stews, vegetarian stews (52 pages), bread and accompaniments and so on.

With 62 veggie soups and 52 veggie stews I would say it is pretty good for vegetarians. The ratio might be a bit off, but then again, a total of 110+ veggie recipes sounds ok. I particularly liked that the vegetarian dishes are in their separate chapters, so no going through the whole book to look for the veggie ones like for a needle in a haystack.

The veggie soups range from Gazpacho, creamed corn soup, garlic vegetable soup to white bean and sweet potato soup with cranberry coulis. There is something for every taste. This also goes for the stews. It offers recipes for quick stews as well as stews that need to simmer longer. The book doesn’t mention recipes being especially suited for the crock pot, but I assume I can just adapt them a bit and try them out.

A lot of the dishes are low in carbohydrates and all of them are low in fat and calories. Every recipe also gives nutritional information per serving as a guideline, as well as exchanges, so you immediately know where you stand.

Also, for metric people, it comes with metric guidelines that convert oven temperatures, gas stove marks, volume, weight and length. Plus it gives you some general benchmarks. Quite handy!

The Veggie factor

Recipe ratio (non.veg./veg) ca. 890/110
Worth it? We had it from our non-vegetarian times. Now I probably would not buy it any more. I have no use for almost 900 non-vegetarian recipes.

Product info and buy link :

Title 1001 delicious soups & stews
Author Linda R. Yoakam, Sue Spitler
Publisher Surrey Books
ISBN 1572840684
I got this book from We bought it
Buy link Buy 1001 delicious soups & stews

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Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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  1. Love the veggie factor! It’s really helpful even for us non-vegetarians. We eat vegetarian dinners about half the time and have many vegetarian friends. So I’m pretty conscious of what a book has to offer.

    I love soups and stews, so I bet I’d find a lot to like about this book. And yes, they are perfect crockpot meals. I too have books I liked when I bought but for some reason never cooked out of.


  2. This sounds like a really ambitious cookbook. A cook could keep going with it for a long time. I like that each week you are making me conscious of the vegetarian palate. Sorry there was such a small minority of vegetarian soups in this book.
    Margot’s last post ..Another Cookbook Treat


  3. Thanks for all your comments. In the introduction crockpots are explicitly mentioned whereas with the individual recipes it never gives any information on how to do the recipe in the crockpot, which I found a bit disappointing.


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